2011. máj. 18.

Techno Synod / Kunsthalle Budapest

The 23th of apryl 2011, saturday 20 pm, Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest

[ Audio-visual performance by The Corporation's "Lordship" project, as the finissage of the "No one belongs here, more than you" exhibition. The styles of the night: minimal, glitch, techno, industrial, hardcore, psy. ]

SWAT akciócsoport: "opening" / swat-art.hu
GymnaZion: "Prototype 2.0" / soundcloud.com/gymnazion
Bloatfield (S) / bloatfield.com
Idealisten / idealisten.org
.page.: "[SZELAH]" / gergelyatom.com
Hosszu (Aurafood) / myspace.com/aurafood
Dj Laminál: "atmosphericminimaltechno"


2010. jún. 28.

The Corporation 10 / 2010.06.24››08.01 / acb Gallery / Budapest


The Corporation group is founded by four artist: Gábor Szenteleki, Erik Mátrai, .page. and János Borsos. This exhibition is the ten year jubilee of the group.

2010. jún. 20.

Central Europe Revisited III. exhibition / Eisenstadt

We participated in this exhibition as Lőrinc Borsos with other hungarian, austrian, bulgarian and serbian artists. It was curated by Dr. Lóránt Hegyi.

Hungary IV. / Zero km stone 
100x150 cm, oil pastel and acrilyc on wooden board 

Hungary IV. / The way of our money
100x150 cm, oil pastel and acrilyc on wooden board 

2010. ápr. 20.

White Pixel


more detail

Giant digital pixel mandala with only one white pixel in the middle.

Mild Side of the Wilde

Electronic music album with Gábor Nagy:


2010. febr. 25.

Trinity model

tate modern, london, uk, in the near future

2009. szept. 25.

The speech of the cube

A piece from Omega Files church notes serial.
2009. A/4, pen on paper

2009. aug. 30.

Hungarian Artist Identity Training

Hungarian Artist Identity Training. Gymnastics in a pit in the form of Hungary to the music of the Funeral March of Shubert. I dug this hole with my father on my 30th birthday, in muddy ground with sweating work. The film was made as a ceremonial pledge; I repeated all exercises thirty times. I decided not to let myself become alienated from art because of all the negative impacts in my country, but consciously I train myself and choose to strengthen myself from these kinds of experiences. I consider my country as my educator, the people as my coach and God as my training officer.

2009. Conspiracy - Midnight transfer - FKSE - Contemporary Art Institute, Dunaújváros, Hungary

2009. aug. 24.

Pantokrator Hungaricum

2009. 20x30x5 cm, oil on canvas, wood
Part of the Esterházy Prized series called HUNGARY III. made by Lőrinc Borsos (Lilla Lőrinc, János Borsos)

2009. jún. 24.

My student loan debt in HUF

The video is in three parts.

My student loan debt in HUF project was created by Lőrinc Borsos (Lilla Lőrinc, and Janos Borsos) in 2009.

2009. jún. 4.

200 HUF for auction at 200 HUF starting price

2009. The painting is the same size as the real Hungarian money, 2 cm thick, oil on canvas, woodboard
The winner payed 16.000 HUF (80 piece of 200 HUF) for it.

2009. jún. 1.


(animation: Henrik Martin, Concept: The Corporation: .page. Erik Mátrai, Gábor Szenteleki, János Borsos, Music: János Borsos)

2009. ápr. 18.

293 isten /293 god

2009. 293 "GOD" words from more than hundred hungarian-synchronized movies in a selfish order. God means "ISTEN" in hungarian.

2008. nov. 24.

Actions under the name Rex Regnum

2008. "Profanity" exhibition, OctogonArt Gallery, Budapest
Kneeling and "Terror bread sharing" (giving self made bread to the people)
2009. Exhibition FIKA, Pécs, Hungary
Video installation and giving self made bread to the people

National kneel

The main motivation of the costume is to compensate groups living in exclusion because of their race, ethnic or moral belonging. I wear this dress during two kinds of actions: during openings I distribute homemade bread and kneel down before the guests. The short film is the interpretation of this latter. To kneel before the Hungarian national symbols is an act of antinationalism, which I do in the spirit and for the good of Christian brotherhood, concerning all nations and superior to any national identity. The location of the action is the Kossuth square in Budapest, where the Parliament stands in the background.

2009. ARC exhibition, Budapest
camera-man: Erik Mátrai

Mask (Oval Office)

2008. 150x100 cm, oil on canvas
Made by Lőrinc Borsos (Lilla Lőrinc and János Borsos)

2008. okt. 3.

2008. jan. 25.

Sermon to a german vernacular person

2008. short film
I wrote a "Last message" titled short e-mail with the text below and the link of this video. The backgroud is a typical religious building from the person's birthplace.

"I have found God, and I've decided to be a monk. From now my name is Giovanni Battista. Please read my last message before I leave everyday life and go to a cloister. I am very glad to know you, and I want to thank you for the years we spent together! Cheers, Giovvanni"

2006. nov. 24.

This is my body which is given for you

three self made wooden chairs, with variable parts

110x50x50 cm each

2007, video

An attempt at exemplifying the gospel through the first word that comes to mind "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made" Romans 1:20

I have read the above cited passage of the New Testament and set myself to examine its truth in the following way: I would try to present the work of redemption through the first word that would come to mind. If I succeeded, I would accept the statement as true.

At that moment the word chair sprang to mind. In a few minutes I had a simple scheme: there would be one complete and three defective chairs. The complete chair would represent the Redeemer, and the defective chairs would represent mankind waiting for redemption. The three defective chairs should be completed with parts of the complete chair that would be disassembled, so that we would get three complete chairs as a result.
Some months later I called on a friend, a joiner, who built the woodwork with my and some other friends' cooperation.

I especially thank those partaking in the work: Kiss Kálmán, Sólyom Attila, Bódy László, Mátrai Erik, Finita la Commedia

2004. júl. 24.

Ezekiel toast

2004. A/4, marker on paper

2004. máj. 3.


Made for a slideshow video which was presented in Skeleftea, Sweeden, at an exhibition called "Welcome to Europe". The exhibition was arraged by the guys of popcore. www.popcorefilm.com

2003. szept. 24.

2003. júl. 24.

Notes from the mountain Bükk

2003. A/3, pencil, marker on paper
2003. A/4 each, marker on paper
Pieces of a series.

2003. ápr. 25.

2003. ápr. 24.

Choose your destiny!

2003. 30x40 cm print

2003. márc. 13.

The fenevad sux!

2003. Action of The Corporation (Erik Mátrai, Gábor Szenteleki, .page., János Borsos) art group at Heroes Square, Budapest as a part of the demonstration against iraqi war. We were carrying these boards and a plush sheep figure and I was wearing a cd player with loudspeakers on my back with techno music of .page..

Fenevad=The beast (synonym for the word antichrist)

2002. máj. 3.

Monoton E T

My experiment was to make the most monotone track in the world. :)

The Creatures of the Swamp

2002. márc. 12.

The dinamics of non understanding

to fall out with sy
2002. 20x20 cm, print

2002. jan. 25.

god for 2500 HUF

Illustration of an LSD trip
2002. 20x20 cm, print

2002. jan. 24.

Page speaks to Nylons

Anatomy of a conversation.
2002. A/4, marker on paper

2000. okt. 5.

Poem of the beer vomiter bear

2000. A/4, red and blue pen on paper

2000. jan. 24.

The Mike Nylons Movie

2000. analogue cutted video, with two vhs players, and a minidv camera
camera-man: .page.

1999. nov. 25.

Forever and ever

1999. 29,7x21 cm, glitter dust, varnish, cannabis leaves, acrylic on paper


1999. 29,7x42, mixed technics, paper